Kraków District – a place for active leisure of hundreds of thousands of people – is particularly valued by those practising different types of professional sports. Characteristic rocks, located in the north-western part of the district, are fantastic for climbing. Specialist guidebooks define them as ”the biggest and the best explored rock climbing area in Poland, offering a huge number of well secured routes”.

People willing to see the district and Kraków from a bird’s eye view can visit the Kraków Flying Club airfield in Pobiednik Wielki. The club’s offer includes recreational flights, specialist training, as well as gliding, ballooning and parachuting training.

Besides rock climbing and air sports, one can make use of the diversified offer of water sports available at the Recreation and Leisure Centre ”Nad Zalewem” (On the Lake) in Kryspinów. The centre is located 12 km from Kraków and covers 64 ha.

The local beaches are sandy or grassy and the water of the lake comes within the first purity class.

The centre’s facilities include guarded bathing beaches, a water sports equipment hiring establishment, a water slide, basketball and beach volleyball fields and a playground for children.

Kraków District also has areas excellent for the organisation of hiking and bicycle trips, and not only for the weekend leisure of the Kraków and Silesian agglomeration residents. Signposted tourist trails and bicycle paths run through the most beautiful recesses of the district. Keeping in mind the increasing tourist traffic, the local accommodation and catering base is being quickly developed.