Kraków District is prepared for the location of new investments. This is possible thanks to the existing infrastructure and plans for its further development.

In Skawina community, there is a power plant and a heat and power plant with a combined output of 575 MW. Utilisation of the existing power reserves of the heat and power plant as well as reserves of the gas grid is possible. The local water supply system is well developed – it is estimated that this system is used by about 95% of the residents. 37 sewage treatment plants operate in Kraków District.

Of great importance for the district’s economy is the fact that main transport routes run through its territory; therefore, it has very good connections and the local road network belongs amongst the densest in Poland. A motorway, eight main roads and seven voivodeship roads, district roads (700 km), communal roads (over 1,900 km) and three railway trunk lines run through the district.

In Zabierzów community, one can find Poland’s second biggest international airport – John Paul II International Airport Kraków – Balice – that provides domestic and international flights, and in Pobiednik Wielki (Igołomia-Wawrzeńczyce community), there is a sports airfield with a grass surface.

Almost 19,000 economic entities operate in Kraków District. Individuals running their own businesses constitute a numerous group. Industry is the biggest sector, market and non-market service sectors are also important. Private businesses are dominant in the district, with participation of public sector entities being only 3%.